100 persons
Up to 150 persons with use of the adjacent Cafe space.
2280 sq. ft.
Single, unobstructed room 57' x 40'.
12'-15' ceilings
Arched wooden ceilings 12' high at walls, 15' in the middle
Speakers, lighting, projector with 10' x 14' screen and more

Unique event space in Los Angeles

Mimoda Studio is a multi-purpose dance studio and creative events space in the heart of Los Angeles adjacent to the burgeoning Paper or Plastik Cafe. Designed for adventurous artists, Mimoda Studio is home to original programming unique to LA, including the resident Jazzo Gruppa, a physical theater ansemble founded by owner, Yasha Jacob Michelson. Seamlessly transforming into a stage, a gallery, a gathering point, a photo studio, or a rehearsal space, Mimoda Studio adapts to all needs and works devoted to art. The events calendar at Mimoda includes monthly classical music concerts, weekly dance parties, pop-up performances, and a variety of classes.

Housed in a building that dates back to the 1950s, Mimoda Studio was formerly home to the renowned Dancers Studio, while the street front cafe was home to a printing press. Renovated in recent years to highlight the building's intrinsic character, the space features exposed high-beam wooden ceilings, stunning woodwork, and gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows that are unrivaled in Mid-City.

In addition to our arts programming, Mimoda Studio also lends itself beautifully for film shoots and a variety of events. The building's unique layout provides a number of possible arrangements for staging events. Mimoda Studio holds up to 100 people for seated performances or standing receptions. With use of the adjacent Cafe space, the Studio & Cafe together can hold events for up to 150 persons. The street-facing café at the front of the building, with its industrial windows and romantic mezzanine, can serve as a magical reception space on its own or in addition to the studio space.
Versatile Space
Mimoda Studio prides itself in being a multi-purpose space, with a variety of activities ranging from dance classes and rehearsals by day, to performances and film screenings at night.
In addition to in-house arts programming, the space is available for rentals of all kinds, including but not limited to:
— rehearsals
— workshops
— seminars
— performances
— parties
— photo and film shoots.

NOTE: for film productions & larger events, some rehearsals & classes can be re-scheduled to suit your rental needs! Additional fees may apply.

Additional space and rental information:
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Resident Events

Jazzo Non-Profit presents
Jazzo Jam on Sundays @mimoda studio from 10 am to 12 pm

Free entrance – Donations welcome.

We want to support non-profit activities and promote awareness of Jazzo — Dance Without Technique.
Explore the pleasure of dance. Discover the beauty of the movement.
Dance Jazzo Jam is an active mediation activity.
You can dance, lie down, or sit and watch others dance.
Dance Jazzo is a pleasure. A physical pleasure, like food and sex, only without side effects.

Jazzo is aesthetic resistance to gravity.
Jazzo is a personal dance theatre
Jazzo is a personal dance
Jazzo is dance biomechanics
Jazzo is movement meditation
Jazzo is dance meditation
Jazzo is the art of slowing down.
Jazzo is a low-intensity workout
Jazzo is meditation in movement
We cannot stop the intensity of our lifestyle, but we can try to slow down.
We cannot stop having a hectic lifestyle, but we can delay it.
We cannot stop aging, but we can delay it.

Entrance though Paper or Plastik Cafe.

Sing up to your first jam
Theatre Jazzo presents:

Jazzo Dance Biomechanics Company Class.
Dance without technique. Jazzo is dancing for actors, and acting for dancers- it's your personal dance theatre. Everyone is welcome.

Donation based. 10 am to 12 pm at Mimoda Studio. 5772 W Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. 90019.
*Entrance through Paper or Plastik Cafe.*

Theatre Jazzo is dance, theatre and meditation.

All ages are welcome, no previous experience is required, dress comfortably. You are going to dance!

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Upcoming Public Events
Events Calendar
  • 1
    I am a comedian/musician/performer and would like to perform in your space. How can I be added to your line-up?
    Musicians interested in performing at Music@Mimoda can inquire with the curator of those events, Maksim Velichkin, about being added to the line-up maksvel@hotmail.com. All other performers can inquire within about our performance rental rates to host a show.
  • 2
    How do I sign up for Mimoda Jazzo's classes?
    No pre-registration is required. Drop ins are welcome! All classes are donation based. Come in and speak with Mimoda, or visit his personal website for more details: www.mimodajazzo.com
  • 3
    I'm looking to throw a birthday party/bat mitzvah/event. Do you offer catering?
    Yes, our adjacent Paper or Plastik Cafe offers catering services including grazing platters, dessert bars, and beverage packages, as well as full-service family-style catering with a $10,000 minimum. We do allow external catering in the space at an additional fee.
  • 4
    Do you offer non-profit rates or residencies?
    At the moment, we do not offer residencies or non-profit rates. We do offer discounted rentals to companies renting 20+ hours for rehearsals and subsidized rates for week of rehearsal rentals pending Studio availability. Please inquire within for rates.
Contact us
MiMoDa Studio
Open Daily 7AM - 10PM
Entrance thru Paper or Plastik Cafe

5774 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019

email: info@mimodastudio.com
Call +1(323)350 2110– Jacob Michelson

For urgent matters, call
+1 (323) 350 2110 (voicemail)